Stop the hate…


Stop The Hate…stop the hate and move on..give another chance to the one who hurt you, vexed you,broke your heart,stepped on your toes,stained your pretty dress,bashed your nice car…for you do not know if he/she did not intend to do what he/she did.. You have no idea what tomorrow’ll never throw a knife that cut your precious finger still need it.. So, you still need that person or whoever it might be who wronged you,But you never know when…we still committed one or two sins we asked Allah to forgive us for the previous day…But Allah in His infinite mercy and wisdom hasn’t taken your life or your job or your family..He still gave you another chance.. Do the same.. Stop the hate and give another chance….May Allah give us the strength to do so…Amin

By : Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus


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