Weird Emotions

​We have broken hearts and we have broken hearts,

Our smile could put you on the throne and our frown could put you in a hole,

They say hearts are not there…but we have them somewhere,

They say we don’t care,but who cares after all?…

They say we ain’t strong, we say we await the great battle,

We don’t prove ourselves…definitely you’ll see for yourselves,

We also got the “MASTER” with us…just so you can’t defeat us,

We walk through the storm,like it ain’t there at all,

After all war won,we never show it at all,

We give them the shock like the eel,

We do the death roll like the King Croc,

We are as fast as the cheetah,

Our hearts are as big as the whales’,

We dominate like the lion,

We soar like the eagle,

We float like the butterfly,

We sting like the bee,

We are as gentle as the beasts,

We regenerate like the salamander,

We are stealthy like the mamba,

We warn like the rattle,

We are as bold as the python,

We sting like ray,

We watch carefully like the owl,

We roar like the lions,

We are strong like tigers,

We are smart like the dolphins,

We hunt alone like the tiger shark,

We inflict pain justly like the mamba,

We are “STRONG”,after all…

Let me share a secret with you…we have big hearts…that you’ll never see…and if you ever get to see them…it means you’re somewhat special…


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