Peace Is All I Seek…

Peace is all I seek

Lying in the dark with my eyes shut,

I wonder where i can find peace,

Staying away from the noisy places,

My heart won’t just slow down it’s pace,

I walked out in the dark,
Wishing my heart would path ways with the dark,

Soon,i feel the breeze against my skin,

As that was the only thing I could feel,

I knew that peace was near,

I looked up to the skies,

As my eyes hit the dark clouds,

With tiny stars that make up constellation,

I knew that peace was near,

Soon i realise in solace can i find peace,

After thoughts almost broke down the walls of my head,

I thought i needed more,

Peace,i can’t get enough of,

I soon realise,that if nature could grant part of my wish,

That its Creator, could grant even more and nothing less,

Soon i turn to him in prayer,

Like a dynamite that shatters rocks into pieces,

I feel my heart as light as fur,

Like the earth soaking up every drop of water,

I feel my eyes brighten up without tears,

Like the bee that goes around minding its business,

Like the waters of the seas, being playful all day,

Like the wind,dancing across the plains,

Peace is all i seek,

And In Him(Allah) I found peace

By : Kole-Ibrahim AbdulQudus


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