Here and After by abdulHameed Ridwan 

Barakallahu Fiihi, Awesome writeup from a beautiful writer 😉

Young Muslim Writers

Faith is when nothing pleases you more
except pleasing your Rabb.

When you defile all odds

to communicate with Him.

It’s your attachment to Halal

and alienation from Haram.
For death shall be tasted.

Either juicy or sour.

Depends on how amply you spent

your youth, wealth,

time and health.

Your forbearance when things went wrong.
Your hereafter begins the moment you die,

journeying in your grave,

all through barzakh,

questioning from the Angels,

till the day you shall be resurrected,

And admitted to your final abode.
When Allah shall unveil Himself

to the righteous believers.

Your deeds would determine,

whether you’d be among the few.

Or the multitude

that would feel the wrath of Ar Rahman

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Sometimes,are what you need to appreciate success,

Sometimes,are what you need to experience to know what success is,

Sometimes,are what you must endure to know where you lack,

Failures aren’t necessarily failures,they are successes in their own ways;

  1. You see your weak spots through them,thereby making you better.
  2. You see yourself as not being perfect,thereby making you try again,not losing hope.
  3. You narrow your search,thereby making you aim at what’s right and better.
  4. You become a teacher to others,thereby making you a leader and a mentor.
  5. You appreciate success only when you experience failures.

Failures aren’t necessarily failures, they can be successes too…

The way you see them is the way they turn out to be for you…



Full Of Life


Don’t think about people or what they want. Think about what you want to do with your life, choose your own path your own way in your own style. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t go well as you expected it to be. It’s life! You are worth more than what you think you are.  Anything you want will surely not be easy to achieve but it sure wouldn’t be impossible too.

Making your own choices in life will just makes you a better person and that’s why I say “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”. We don’t know what may happen in future so live in the present and give your best shot who knows what may happen as “ONE MOMENT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.


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